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  • Katie Quirk

What advice would I give to a new business owner?

Recently I had the opportunity to be included in Medium's weekly feature, "The Pop Quiz, Monday".

With some pertinent questions posed, the one I was most excited about answering was "what advice would I give to a new business owner"; not just because it gave me the chance to share my personal experiences with other newly minted "entrepreneurs", but it also encouraged me take stock in what I have already learned over the VERY brief time KQC has been operational.

1. Enjoy the ride, and make sure to step back often and reflect on all you’ve achieved, whether big or small. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself by feeling like things aren’t happening quickly enough (especially if you're like me and patience is not a virtue of yours), which means you end up overlooking the little wins.

2. Don’t forget the importance of building a support network to bounce ideas off and that is there to lean on during more challenging times. Whether it be family, friends or other business owners, it’s impossible to do this entrepreneurial gig alone.

3. Set goals, but don't be too rigid; a huge part of running your own business is embracing the opportunity to pivot and acknowledging when you need to change your approach or even forge a completely different path.

4. Be sure to put enough time into the growth and development of your enterprise. Yes, it’s important to generate revenue, but ensuring that your business is on a trajectory that is sustainable in its evolution is vital to success.

5. Give yourself positive pep talks daily and remind yourself of why you made the decision to do your own thing. It helps to stay grounded and focused on the bigger picture.

If you're interested in reading the article in its entirety, you can find it here.

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