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Story Antics back on board for 2020

Katie Quirk Communications is thrilled to announce it will continue its work with personalised children's book brand, Story Antics, this year.

Following on from a whirlwind Christmas campaign, which saw coverage appear in the likes of Mama Disrupt, ONYA Magazine, Mouths of Mums, The Baby Vine and Just Kids' Lit and support from The Standish Tales, Rachelle Rawlings, This Sweet Life of Mine and Raising Young Loves, Story Antics has just launched its first book of the new year - The Bin Chicken.

Written by Kellie Marks and featuring hand-drawn illustrations from Jackson Lian and Ari Lobos, The Bin Chicken is an educational and engaging journey about caring for our natural environment and the importance of recycling.

KQC is looking forward to delivering a strong PR and publicity campaign in 2020 for Story Antics and continuing to build awareness of its offering by ensuring the brand's clever, quirky and creative book offering is featured in the home libraries of children all around Australia (and the world!).

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