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  • Katie Quirk

Melbourne, I love you

When Dan announced a 3:15pm presser today, it had to be good news.

When he rocked up in his North Face jacket, that only sealed the deal.

Melbourne - the city whose bustling vibrancy has been extinguished for months on end.

A community whose collective psyche has been battered and bruised, laid broken and bare.

We’ve endured some of the harshest lockdown measures in the entire world that no one - NO ONE - who didn’t live through them will ever be able to truly understand; the strain, grief, anxiety, fear and immense sadness we felt through these emotionally draining and demanding weeks almost broke us at times.

But here we are.

ZERO new cases. ZERO deaths.

Finally our hard fought, well earned freedom is here.

Today, I am prouder than ever to be a Melburnian.

I’m proud of the way we galvanised and showed care for the most vulnerable members of our community.

I’m proud of the spirit we displayed even when it was hard some days to feel nothing but despair and defeat.

I’m proud of our selflessness and steadfast commitment to the cause.

But mostly I’m proud that we got through this together and for each other.

Whether you agree with the government’s decisions throughout 2020 or not, today isn’t a day for politics.

It’s a day to celebrate our toughness, resilience and character as a state and a city.

So, Melbourne please know I mean it when I say - I love you.

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