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  • Katie Quirk

Five pertinent quotes about the value of Public Relations

In this day and age, where nothing comes for free (or at least it seems that way), it would be foolish to underestimate the persuasive power of a good story.

In between the deluge of #sponsored and #collab content, the influential rise of social media has seen consumers become increasingly wary about the genuineness surrounding the promotion of products, brands and businesses.

Money may talk but an honest, organic, non-bought opinion will always remain more valuable, holding additional weight in the eyes of the public.

There are few things that irk a public relations professional more than people thinking that the essence of what we do is wrapped up in pumping out press releases.

PR is a valuable skill and it’s not something everyone can do; it's the art of building, nurturing and sustaining relationships.

Rather than being applied as an afterthought, PR efforts should be strategically integrated in all awareness and organisational campaigns.

As consumers we are constantly bombarded by information, often to the point of total saturation.

The way in which we access and absorb news has been dramatically altered since the rise and subsequent domination of the digital world - we are no longer passive recipients; an audience's attention must be captured instantaneously.

The ability to break through the noise and secure a visible share of voice is a different and evolving challenge for this virtually proximate generation; we are more connected than we've ever been but, in the same breath, more physically isolated from one another.

It's therefore imperative that brands are able (and open!) to pivot and adapt their delivery of messaging to reflect this new age of content consumption. Otherwise, they will risk being left behind in a vast, competitive landscape of business viability.

I remember in the final year of my university degree, a wise professor once remarked, "never's not about what you know but about who you know that actually counts."

And it still stands true to this day; nothing is more important than remembering what the foundation of this public relations jazz is built on - relationships (go figure!).

PR is about working and connecting with actual human beings, whether that be a client, the media or an audience.

In the pursuit of success and accomplishment, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of what really matters most - transparency, truthfulness and tact.

If things are done without integrity and honesty, you will inevitably damage the reputation of your brand and also lose the trust of the public and people around you, which may never be earned back again.

No day is ever the same in public relations and this is one of the reasons why we PR professionals choose to do what we do; our metaphorical work wardrobe is stuffed full of dozens of different hats and our tolerance fuse for the mundane and predictable is basically non-existent.

We are adverse to beige ideas and boring concepts; we're always searching for a better, more enticing way to create and communicate a story.

Success in PR isn't solely about being a "people person" - it's about having savvy and the skills to tap into content that is going to resonate with a consumer public and identifying the best was to share that message to achieve campaign goals.

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