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emPowered by ARNA - an interview with Katie Quirk Communications

Based in Sydney, ARNA is a brilliant female-run business, founded by Natasha and Arianne Ritz.

Passionate about women's empowerment, especially in the workforce and when it comes to making bold decisions, the Ritz sisters launched ARNA to help bring women in business up together.

To them that means working with other females across the globe who are running their own businesses and smashing the glass ceiling, one win at a time.

In saying this, I was only too flattered and happy to answer some quick questions for them about KQC, what inspires me and plans for the future of the consultancy.

Here's a little excerpt from the interview but you can read the article in full here.

"My greatest achievement in life is, and will always be, my daughter. She inspires me with her unbridled joy, enthusiasm, curiosity and fearlessness; she makes me want to be the best version of myself every day, in life and in business. It's also important to me for her to observe from a young age, especially as a girl, that having faith in her capabilities is priceless and nurturing the self-belief in what she has to offer the world will take her far. I never want her to feel intimidated by anyone telling her she can't do something or that it's always necessary to sacrifice things that are sincerely important to her if she wants to be successful in both a professional and personal sense."

Thanks for the support, ARNA!

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