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So why work with Katie?

Here are a few words from those who have...

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Katie is an incredible PR and a talented writer. I had the pleasure of working with Katie for over three years at HotHouse Media & Events where she delivered on a wide range of brands and products. Katie's care for client relationships, attention to detail and her ability to communicate through writing, is second to none."

Michelle Shepherd

Senior Project Officer, Creative Victoria

"We wouldn’t be enjoying the success we have today without the support of Katie, who helped us launch our children’s swimwear business. She is a jack of all trades and was not only able to assist us with PR, advertising and marketing opportunities but also editing and copy development. We had a minimal budget dedicated to promotional opportunities so with this in mind, Katie was able to secure us a number of targeted and very helpful unpaid media appearances. Her book of contacts and the relationships she has built with journalists, editors and talent representatives put our business into the spotlight on a shoestring budget. And she is an absolute delight to work with! Thanks for all your assistance in getting our small biz off the ground and thriving!"

Lauren Kennedy

Founder, harry & pop

"Alongside engaged Katie Quirk Communications to assist with copywriting, editing and guidance on public relations campaigns and we're so, so pleased we did! Katie took our programs to another level, bringing a professional, educated eye to our content, and polishing it with precision without losing our tone or brand voice. She really spent the time learning about the company, the cause and how she can help with growing the brand in an organic and authentic way. Katie's attention to detail is second to none, and her insights and knowledge about PR and brands really cemented our growth. We look forward to working with Katie again in the future." 

Paige Hobbs

Founder, Alongside

"Katie has many strings to her bow. Her media relations skills are excellent, as evidenced by the many runs she has achieved for clients. Katie knows how to build and nurture relationships and her stakeholder management skills are one of her strengths. Katie has a fine attention to detail and works well in a team environment and autonomously. She meets deadlines, keeps a cool head and with her vibrant personality is a valuable asset in the office."

Susan Speechley
Senior Media Advisor

"I had the pleasure of working with Katie when she was working in the United States. She has an amazing work ethic and is completely unflappable. Her work and creativity resulted for us in national exposure and she helped develop a strategy to take that exposure and turn it into a revenue stream. If you get the chance to work with Katie, don't pass it up."

Roman Jimenez

Trainer & Compliance Officer, Repoductive Sciences Medical Center

"Katie is an absolute joy to be around. Her charisma and charm are contagious. A truly talented writer and communicator, Katie is able to clearly convey a message while keeping it on target and fun to read. I observed the ease in which she establishes rapport and trust with everyone she encounters. Anyone would be lucky to work with Katie... I especially recommend her for highly creative positions... it would be a shame for her not to utilize her amazing skills."

Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg
President, Olive Creative Strategies, Inc.

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